100 UPG Cooperative Overview

Lindsey Sandefur
6 months agoJanuary 16, 2019
Thanks for sharing your story, Joey, of how your advocacy team are simply friends to you and how that's what you need so many times. The slide about the different roles was very helpful in this too, as viewing ourselves as an A-Team in the "Peer" category. I think so often we want to "do more" and help our goers "more", and we don't know how to from the other side of the ocean, so it can paralyze us. Being reminded to just show up for them as a friend, and how helpful and life-giving that is to them is so encouraging. We can do that! And thinking through this new cooperative with what it means for A-Teams, I think it gives us as A-Team leaders so much encouragement knowing that our goers have real and wonderful access to resources, help, training, and much of that is on the field, close to them, unlike us. It's exciting to know that as they are sharing with us what's going on, we can pray and know that you guys are stepping in to give them real, tangible help. Thank you Todd and Joey for your time to walk us through all of this.
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